Much ado indoors and outdoors on the fields

by | May 2, 2016 | From the field

Is it dry enough to put the parsnips in?

After some discussion on the patch designated for parsnips and use of a rake, Sean and Ian decided to get on with the job.

The next job on the list was to get more broad beans planted out direct into the soil and covered to give them a chance to get going before the birds decide to pull them out again.

There are sprouts and early cabbages outside hardening off ready for planting out as soon as the weather and enough pairs of hands allow. That will be pretty soon then so long as the rain stops.

Komatsuma, kaillan and kichi (Chinese broccoli to the rest of us but it does have a technical name) are all to be seen in the poly tunnels along with sowings of radish and more lettuce.

In other words – despite the dreary weather this week, things are happening even if the cry is that everything is behind. Many gardeners are saying that Ian and Sean, it’s not just you.

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