Creating a meeting space

There are plans afoot for a ‘cabin’ that will give shelter for work shares and volunteers and allow us to be a bit more social. Grower Ian has been collecting parts for construction, making a list of what else is required and planning how to get it erected.

He is also planning how to have some form of warm drinks facilities at least but there were murmurs of greater things than that.

So once the last crop share of 2016 is out of the way, over the winter months when outside field work is not possible due to ground conditions, this project will progress.

There is also a major repair project that will have to be completed when “it” dries out. The shed failed its first foul weather test . The rain came in through the roof and caused much wetness. When the roof and other wooden parts dry out, there will have to be heavy remedial works carried out. Mind you, that was some test of the roof as Storm Angus came through. That was the first named storm of the winter – let’s hope we don’t have too many more of them.