The next Growing Gang will be Saturday September 30th 10am – 12 noon

This Saturday morning we will be harvesting our remaining crops and making sure our bug hotel is ready for its Autumn/Winter visitors!  We will also have Harvest and Autumn themed crafts and activities.

As you know GO Local Food operates as a co operative – we own it – we grow it!  This means that all the members are effectively the shareholders and as such get involved in making decisions and helping out, join in social events, get a chance to order SUMA products, buy eggs and other local produce.  Members can also buy the veg we produce by taking a crop share.

Our Growing Gang experiment has been supported by a small lottery grant.  We want to keep growing ‘The Gang’ and over the next few months need to work out how to do this.  We’d really like Growing Gang users to join us as members and we have a special offer for you…

Join us now for the remaining 6 months of this membership year (to 31st March) for only £13 AND take a small share of the crops on Growing Gang Saturdays. How does that sound?

All you need to do is follow sign up at,  and in the box that asks how did you hear about us – add Growing Gang, then we’ll know you are special!