About us

Connecting local people to local food

Local Food

Tasty vegetables grown with care just a few miles from your home

Bringing people together

Building a fun and supportive community of people and local food producers

Looking after the environment

Working in harmony with nature and the seasons, reducing food miles and protecting wildlife

Established in 2011

Staying true to our aims of challenging climate change by promoting sustainable lifestyles in our local area

Go Local Food is a local food co-op, based in Northumberland’s beautiful Tyne Valley, growing a wide range of amazing vegetables all year round. From staples such as carrots, onions and potatoes to more unusual varieties like calabrese and mizuna, we provide a wide range of high quality, nutritious and locally grown produce, hand grown in harmony with the local environment.

We currently have a two-acre site in Ovington at the Halls of Heddon site. From these two acres with our polytunnels, professional grower, Ian and our team of volunteers and work share members, we produce tasty and nutritious vegetables for our members all year round.

At Go Local Food, we are passionate about connecting the local community to the food that they eat and the land on which it is grown.

Modern day farming takes its toll on the environment so we strive to work in harmony with the seasons and with nature. We don’t use chemicals other than organic slug pellets. We grow what’s possible given the North Eastern climate. Whilst growing and harvesting our vegetables we encourage and care for the wildlife that lives around our field and its hedgerows.

We don’t just grow vegetables – we organise and host events and provide ways for our members to socialise and get out in the fresh air! From barbecues to cookery workshops, Growers Question Time sessions and Halloween Pumpkin competitions, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet up if you would like to.

We have lots of plans for the future, including taking on more land to produce a large enough crop for many more members. We also have ambitions to help address rural isolation and poverty through our work and to continue building our network with other local food producers.

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