Compost in action

Recently we launched our very large compost bins – we are hoping to make around 12 tons of compost a year for our ‘no till’ growing trial.  There is much learning going on… so far

The good news

• volunteer help in making a successful planning application
• trial and error to identify the perfect straddling size for our plots
• much digging and removal of several tons of docks (that may be a slight exaggeration)
• growing brilliant lettuce and onions on the created plots – using cold compost
• the opportunity to work the plots in any weather
• development of a positive name for our experiment, rather than ‘no dig’ or ‘no till’ we have, some like it hot #compostmatters
• delivery of the new build compost bins with soak away – looking rather gorgeous!

The less good news

• misjudging the need for planning application held up building work
• short people do not find the plot size as comfortable to work as tall people do
• keeping on top of the weeds whilst we await our hot compost
• working the plots in all weathers!
• time required in preparation of the plots
• a name that attracts attention way beyond the horticultural world